The Port City

The Dark Triangle
New World of Darkness in the Pedimont

Look closer at the place you call home. It is not the paradise that it seems. Just beneath the surface strange things take place, strange creatures fight out wars and battles that mere mortals cannot comprehend, and woe to the mortal who finds their way into the middle of such a conflict.

Are you a Changeling, making their home in the aptly named “Ivory Tower Freehold” of Chapel Hill .There claims of a democratic system are being tested as Winter and Summer court forces try to build their power base. New faces have arrived in the freehold and they are sure to find these forces vying for their support as even the smallest advantage can turn the tide.

Or perhaps you make your home in Cary, a new member of the Cary Centurions. The ruling Sin Eater Faction there has been encroaching on the Capital Kings of Raleigh, and thus driving refugees into the Black Bulls of Durham’s territory. War between Sin Eaters is truly ghastly affair perhaps it is you that will prevent it.

And there are rumors of other groups hiding in the shadows of the cities and their surrounding areas.

In meta-game terms I’m trying to recruit people to play a New World of Darkness game set here in the Triangle. Ideally I’d like 2-4 people to play but I can go as high as 6. I am scheduling an interest meeting on January 16th at Atomic Empire in Durham.

At the interest meeting we will discuss

  • What “splat” to use. I am favoring Changelling or Geist as I already have the source books for it but I am willing to consider other books.
  • What times would be best for each member. I understand people have different schedules and I want to be accommodating.
  • Whether or not to do prologues I offer up t o8 exp points to people willing to do a prologue
  • Whether to hold multiple campaigns, if someone else wants to run a game in the same setting I’d be happy to help them set it up

I look forward to seeing you all at the meeting.

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